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DJ Spivey Mixes Monique Bingham (A Soulful House Mix)

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Home house music DJ Spivey Mixes Monique Bingham (A Soulful House Mix)
Published on September 15, 2017

(Please “Like” My Brand New Facebook Page) I Remember like it was yesterday: The year was 2000 and a brand new sound just emerged from the now Iconic Naked Music Record Label. Super Producer Jay Denes and his group Blue Six released one of their early Smashes: “Pure” which featured a lounge type vibe with these super Hip and Meaningful lyrics, and this Soulful Voice which belonged to Ms. Monique Bingham from Brooklyn, New York. I was in Love instantly! 🙂 From that moment I would search out “That Voice” and that sassy style of Ms. Bingham and she hasn’t let me down yet. This Mix is simply All about Monique Bingham, her voice, and many singing styles and features cuts from famed House producers, Ralf Gum, Quentin Harris, Studio Apartment and Shake The Dog, just to name a few. So plug those headphones in grab something cold and let’s Go!!! DJ Spivey Mixes Monique Bingham: 0:00:00 Don’t You Love Me by Sir Piers feat. Monique Bingham 0:10:42 Outta Sight by DJ Christos 0:16:44 Kissing Strangers (DJ Le Roi Mix) by Ralf Gum 0:23:44 You.Me.World by Monique Bingham 0:30:59 Pride by DJ Pepsi 0:36:16 Poor People by Quentin Harris 0:42:46 Won’t Stop (dunnEasy Beatapella Mix) by dunnEasy 0:47:13 Take Me to My Love (Louis Benedetti Mix) by Ralf Gum 0:55:30 Kissing Strangers by Ralf Gum 1:02:06 They Forgot It (Marques & Todd’s Remix) by Tarantulaz 1:08:06 Little W. 12th St. (Sean McCabe Remix) by Ralf Gum 1:14:44 Run (Alt Version 2 Vocal) by Shake The Dog 1:22:42 Found Him by Studio Apartment (Free) Limited Download Here: You already know what to do: Subscribe, Comment, Like, Share and Enjoy The Music! Thanx for listening! (Cheers) djs

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