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Where The Light Is

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Published on October 23, 2017

Title: Where the Light Is

Written by: Antahlyzah & Kalki –

Produced by: 7th Realm

Watch In HD Khalil Thee Antahlyzah and Kalki from Revolt Motion Recordings drop lyrical rhymes. For more dope conscious hip hop like this visit Remember these guys rap for fun and want to send a message out to conscious listeners. – Contacts to Kalki and Antahlyzah For more highly anticipated albums from these type of rappers download Vimanas Project Vol.1 - Here is Kalki’s new ablum, Glass Monk! available at in the FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD SECTION. For more Independent Indie Hip hop check out with over 1000 indie hip hop songs uploaded.

Category :  Hip Hop , hip hop music

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