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Afrika Bambaataa Weighs In on Illuminati in Hip-Hop

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Home hip hop music Afrika Bambaataa Weighs In on Illuminati in Hip-Hop
Published on May 8, 2015 – The Illuminati has been rumored to be controlling dozens of hip-hop artists over the years, leading many people to believe that it’s just another conspiracy theory since there’s never been any actual evidence. In this clip from VladTV’s interview with Afrika Bambaataa, the South Bronx native doesn’t exactly agree that their may be ties between the group and hip-hop artists, but he does say there are definitely “corporations and other different groups that control the hip-hop culture.” Bambaataa feels people in the hip-hop culture are easily manipulated, believing everything they read online and not willing to look deeper for the facts. “People have forgot[ten] how to search and research,” he says, wishing people would “stop going for all the lies and stuff that people put out there when it’s not dealing with the facts.” Watch above for the rest of his stance on the topic.

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